Mill Maria

With the help of our products, the city of Wrocław has succeeded in renovating the historical building "Młyn Maria", which has been disused since the Second World War, and converting it into modern flats in its old function as a mill.

This project proved particularly challenging as part of the building has been completely submerged since the 18th century. For optimal planning of the renovation, samples were first taken on the soaked and salinated façade to determine the salt content of the substrates. In view of the laboratory results, we suggested the use of WTA renovation plasters of our tubag brand. These have a particularly high porosity and are therefore able to store the harmful salts to which this historic building is exposed due to its special location. Likewise, these products form an optimal resistance for the future of the building, as they protect the façade surface from moisture. The first step, however, was to remove residues from the old façade and create a good foundation for further renovation. Products from our akurit brand were used for this.

A very important part of the renovation work on the façade of the old mill was the façade painting. Due to the use of renovation plasters, the paint coat had to be highly vapour permeable in order to be able to absorb the moisture. A diffusion silicate paint was used to paint the façade of the Maria Mill. The entire façade was primed with the silicate primer Antika silikat G and then painted twice with the silicate façade paint Antika siliktat F from our brand quick-mix.

The use of WTA renovation plaster and façade paint, as well as a carefully selected, muted colour scheme, halted the deterioration of the brickwork. The package of materials offered by Sievert Polska under the quick-mix, akurit and tubag brands has once again helped to preserve the brick façade and shape of the building, so characteristic of the centre of Wrocław, for future generations.

The project in detail


ObjectMill Maria
Project period2019-2021
Brandquick-mix, tubag, akurit

quick-mix: SKS, Antika silikat, Antika silikat F


akurit: APE, SHF, ZIP

Building contractorAKBiK Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw
Building ownerMaćków Pracownia Projektowa
LocationWrocław, Polen
AreaExterior and facades
Building typeFormerly a mill, today a residential building
Special featureIt is an old mill whose part of the façade is completely underwater.

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