Concert Hall, Lohr

Everything apart from ordinary – indeed, the design for the new concert hall in Lohr by Stuttgart architects Bez + Kock was grandiose. In the end, the design for the asymmetrical, seven-sided building with its unconventional window reveals was favoured by the local authority in Lohr am Main.

Owing to the many historical and geographical associations with the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers, the town is certainly entitled to call itself “the home of Snow White”. But like so many other building projects with avant-garde artistic aspirations, this project, too, polarised views during construction: “Concrete blockhouse with arrow-slits” was how the locals described the structural carcass. However, their opinion was to change. Once the finely nuanced facing brickwork of the building envelope was finished, the opposition of Lohr’s citizens changed – almost fairytale-like – to enthusiasm. A quick-mix mortar forms the visual link between the subtly changing shades of colour of the facing bricks from the Hebrok Brickworks. Besides the colour, which quick-mix formulated exactly, the V.O.R. Masonry Mortar VM 01 also had technical and economic advantages.

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