Press Release – 2. February 2022

Sievert SE strengthens its market position as Europe’s top supplier of premium building materials through acquisition of Sakret Tschechien

Osnabrück/Prague – Sievert SE, the number one supplier of premium building materials in Europe, with headquarters in Osnabrück in northern Germany, has acquired Sakret in the Czech Republic, which is specialised in high-quality solutions for dry materials. The contract for the takeover has now been signed in Prague by both companies, who agreed not to release details of the cost of the deal. The acquisition of Sakret Tschechien is another indicator that Sievert is continuing to consolidate its international growth strategy.

The Czech Republic is an important market for Sievert SE, which already has a plant in the country at Brno. “The acquisition of the Sakret plant in Ledčice represents a worthwhile addition to our existing activities in the Czech market because it results in numerous synergies. By concentrating our forces, we can now strengthen our market position even further. On the whole, this move places us on an optimum footing for our future in the Czech republic,” says Jens Günther, CEO at Sievert SE.

Sakret Tschechien was founded in 1998 and up until now had operated as a licensee. The company currently has 36 employees, all of whom have been taken on by Sievert. Therefore, Sievert now has a total of 84 employees just in the Czech Republic.

“Convincing technical expertise is not the only thing that is important for us. Being close to customers is crucial when it comes to anticipating their needs and providing the best solutions for them. The existing Sakret staff will enable us to serve the Czech market properly. We look forward to seeing both companies grow,” adds Mr. Günther.

Sievert SE is planning further moves to promote its international growth strategy.

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