Press Release – 7. July 2023

Sievert Logistik reduces CO2 emissions by using EcoFLEX trailers

  • Logistics service provider orders large number of innovative trailers
  • Semi-trailers can lower rear 50 centimetres
  • Test phase proves lower fuel consumption


Lower CO2 emissions thanks to improved aerodynamics: Sievert Logistik SE wants to achieve this goal with the new trailers from Schmitz Cargobull. Three of the so-called EcoFLEX trailers have already been running successfully in test operation at the Lengerich-based logistics service provider since last autumn. Diesel consumption in regional transport has already fallen noticeably. Over the course of this year, 26 more EcoFLEX trailers are to be added so that the Westphalian company will be able to handle a large proportion of its transport operations with trailers of this type by 2024. This makes Sievert Logistik one of the first haulage companies in Germany to use the innovative trailer in large numbers.

"Aerodynamics are of great relevance when it comes to fuel consumption and therefore the emission of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases. With the new EcoFLEX trailers, we are taking another important step towards reducing CO2 emissions," says Karsten Bley, Managing Director of Sievert Logistik SE.

Adjustable rear

Schmitz Cargobull's EcoFLEX technology optimises the flow dynamics of the vehicle and reduces the suction effect at the rear during the journey. This is made possible by a rear that can be adjusted in height by 50 centimetres. Its lowering improves the flow behaviour and significantly reduces the air resistance of the combination. This saves fuel and thus reduces CO2 emissions. The adjustment of the rear from 2.70 metres to 2.20 metres loading height can be carried out by the driver himself within a few minutes using a hydropneumatic pump, depending on requirements and load. The vehicles are loaded and unloaded in exactly the same way as standard vehicles and can still be loaded and unloaded from the rear and from the side.

Fuel savings of up to five per cent

Sievert Logistik has already been using three of the Eco generation since last autumn and has been able to put the manufacturer's promise of fuel savings of up to five percent and a CO2 reduction of up to ten percent to the test. Sabrina Hukriede, Head of Fleet Management at Sievert Logistik SE, attests to the EcoFLEX trailers' even better results: "In regional transport, we were able to reduce our diesel consumption by an impressive eight per cent. Further tests, particularly on long-distance routes, are currently underway to determine the full savings potential of this technology." The logistics service provider will be putting a further 26 trailers of this type into operation by the end of the year. With a total of 29 units - almost a fifth of the entire tilt semi-trailer fleet - Sievert Logistik is one of the first haulage companies to introduce EcoFLEX technology on a large scale.

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