There’s also an easy way. 

Save time and money: EasyBettung – the latest innovation from Sievert premium brand tubag

How do you revolutionise the laying of paving slabs in horticultural, landscaping and road-building projects. In other words: How do you invent a new product? We have a formula for this: Listen carefully to what our customers want and need. And when it comes to that, product manager Georg Zimmermann and development engineer Endrit Imeri are real experts. Mr. Zimmermann knows exactly what the requirements are. Mr. Imeri and the R&D team then attended to fulfilling those requirements.

What at first sounds really simple, is the result of many time-consuming steps. In this case the outcome was a new product: tubag EasyBettung. This is a bedding mortar that is not mixed with water, i.e. does not require the intermediate mixing step, for which skilled workers are often lacking these days. So EasyBettung saves not only time, but also money. “This product makes life much easier for skilled workers. On the other hand, there are also contractors who want to complete their work on site quickly and practically without lengthy training courses. EasyBettung is a really simple solution for both groups,” says a satisfied Georg Zimmermann.

We listen very carefully and watch the developments in the marketplace. What do our customers need now? What will they need in the future?”

Georg Zimmermann, Product Manager at Sievert 



And how does it work?


Simple and innovative is the answer. EasyBettung is not mixed with water, instead subsequently activated with water through the joints between the paving slabs. That is the outcome of the EasyLay technology, which is based on a new bedding and mortar concept. Therefore, users save valuable time and effort, which can then be invested in other projects. It’s a real blessing for a market that suffers from a lack of skilled workers – and for the workers’ backs, too, because a bag of EasyBettung weighs only 18 kg.

The advantages

  • Less strenuous working when laying areas of external paving
  • Time-savings due to the omission of one complete step in the work
  • Savings in equipment, because mixing is no longer necessary
  • Faster laying, which means more projects can be completed in less time
  • Proven tubag premium quality for professional results

The fact that EasyBettung is easy to use for paved areas is the result of a clever development strategy. Up until now, a permeable bedding mortar that worked without mixing with water simply wasn’t available. Over a period of months, Endrit Imeri together with a team headed by Dr. Martin Kanig developed various trial formulas for the best bedding mortar. The challenge for the team was achieving high strength and maximum water permeability. And, of course, working out how to get the best results using existing raw materials. Incorporating knowledge from other fields paid off here: “We examined a quick-mix product with a similar formula: Ruck-Zuck Beton, a rapid-hardening concrete. That concept then served as the basis for further development work,” says Mr. Imeri.

So all that had to be done was to implement the concept in horticultural, landscaping and road-building projects, right? What sounds so simple, was really a huge challenge. Many trials in the laboratory simply came to nothing. The breakthrough came when the team asked itself which concept was the best one for laying paving dry. With a mineral mortar, that worked by adding water subsequently via the joints between the paving slabs. And the success story for tubag’s new EasyBettung is based on that approach. This new product and the innovative method of working is now the subject of a patent application.



And the next step?


Each member of the team is doing what they do best: Georg Zimmermann continues to explain to customers how EasyBettung can save them time and money in the long run.

Endrit Imeri continues to invest in further development. Much of this is still a long way off. But the facts about the new EasyBettung product already sound outstanding.

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