Quay Walls Amsterdam

Sievert Luxemburg S.A. provides a solution for the renovation of the historical quay walls in the canals of Amsterdam, which significantly shape the cityscape, with the tubag TWM (Trass-Werksteinmörtel).

Mini-containers on the ship in the canal

The unique cityscape of Amsterdam is shaped by an extensive network of canals that span over 600 kilometers in total. These waterways are bordered by quay walls that have often rested on wooden pilings for over a century. Due to the advanced age of these pilings, their load-bearing capacity has been significantly compromised, necessitating comprehensive renewal efforts to preserve the historic quay walls.

Over the next 10-15 years, the city of Amsterdam plans extensive projects in collaboration with various partners. The aim is to develop contemporary solutions while conserving the historical structures. A preliminary step began in 2018 with the reinforcement of heavily damaged quay walls using steel constructions. Since 2022, the second phase has been underway: extensive restoration work or even complete renovations along approximately 200 kilometers of the canals. These operations primarily take place from boats to minimize disruptions on the streets. This allows unhindered passage for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars while avoiding heavy traffic on the roads. Consequently, the long-lasting renewal work is scarcely noticeable for residents and visitors to the city.

A significant partner in this endeavor is Sievert Luxemburg S.A. The company supplies the tubag TWM (Trass-Werksteinmörtel) in compressive strength grades M5 and M10 as a lime-based mortar. To execute the gradual renewal of the quay walls from the water, these products are delivered in big bags and mini-containers. This approach is necessary as a boat carrying a large silo cannot navigate under the numerous bridges of Amsterdam due to height restrictions. Sievert Luxemburg S.A. therefore contributes significantly to the preservation of Amsterdam's historic cityscape through the supply of tubag TWM.

The projekt in detail

Project informationen

ObjectQuay Walls Amsterdam
Project startsince 2023
ProductsTKM (Trass-Werksteinmörtel) in M5 and M10
ClientCity of Amsterdam
LocationAmsterdam, the Netherlands
AreaRoads, civil engineering and geotechnics
BuildingtypeSquares and outdoor facilities

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