3D housing, Wallenhausen

Lightweight lime plaster from akurit ensures a good interior climate in Europe’s largest 3D-printed housing development.

No compromises in this showcase project. For Fabian Rupp and his father Michael at Rupp Gebäudedruck, the building printing company based in Pfaffenhofen in southern Germany, it was clear right from the start that only the very best quality could be considered for this flagship housing project. The Rupp Gebäudedruck brand and project partner Peri GmbH (Weissenhorn) have created a sensation here. In record time, they completed the largest printed housing development in Europe in nearby Wallenhausen, which is a truly amazing feat. In order that the tenants feel comfortable in what has in the meantime become the world-famous 3D house in Wallenhausen, the Rupps made sure they used the very best building materials and suppliers for this project in which they were both client and general contractor. For the interior, they opted for the range of lime plasters from akurit, the premium brand for render, plaster and insulation systems from the Sievert SE company based in Osnabrück. “We contacted various suppliers and the team from akurit provided by far the best service. Whether technical building adviser, project manager or applications technician, we realised immediately that the akurit team had an amazing amount of technical expertise and was really keen to work on this project. They really looked after us well. And in the shape of akurit KIP-it. leicht, we found the ideal plaster for our interiors,” says Fabian Rupp.

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